Naomi Seddon is an international lawyer, thought-leader, author and presenter on workplace equality and issues impacting women at work.

Naomi’s legal career spans 4 countries over the last 19 years where she has not only worked with close to 2,000 different companies across many different markets and industries but she is also one of the few lawyers in the world to hold legal qualifications from 3 different countries. In 2016 Naomi was named by Legal 500 as a top attorney in the United States for legal advice and counselling.

Naomi works with clients across the globe on issues ranging from market entry, local compliance, managing legal risk and litigation, growth and acquisitions, global migration, global benefits plans and policies, downsizing, restructures, employee management issues and terminations.

In addition to her role as an international lawyer, Naomi is regularly called upon to advise boards and executive management on their people issues. Naomi is also an experienced board member herself and is currently, a Non-Executive director, lead independent director, and Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board of ASX-listed company Megaport Limited. Naomi is also a Non-Executive Director and and Chair of the Remuneration Committee of Transmax Pty Ltd, Endometriosis Australia and Surrogacy Australia.

As one of the top lawyers in her field of expertise and a partner in the global law firm, Littler, Naomi is truly an international citizen that understands what it is like to navigate the challenges of a fast-paced career while managing family, a range of health issues and a lot of heartache. Naomi now draws on her own experiences to educate and assist other organizations to find ways to better support their most important resource – their people.

Naomi Seddon

Naomi suffers from severe endometriosis and two rare blood conditions. In the space of approximately 2 years, Naomi suffered 4 pregnancy losses, had over 100 tests, 9 surgeries, 3 rounds of IVF and ultimately had twin girls via surrogate that were born at 28 weeks and spent 3.5 months in the hospital – all while managing a busy legal practice. Naomi is now sharing her story and her insights into lessons learned along the way in order to help organizations to find ways to support their employees to continue to succeed at work despite these types of life challenges.

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As one of the top lawyers in her field of expertise, qualifications in 3 countries, a career that spans multiple continents, and as a partner in global law firm, Littler, Naomi is truly an international citizen that understands the intricacies of global business better than most.

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