Hi, my name is Naomi

I am on a mission to create change with workplaces globally. You see, I truly believe that to move the needle towards equality we need to start looking at the workplace and, more importantly, its people a little differently.

Research has shown that there is a direct link between productivity and wellness. When employers find better ways to support their employees through the implementation of policies and benefits that are tailored more specifically to individual needs, it provides a greater opportunity for employees to contribute in a much more effective and productive way.

I believe that there are smarter ways that most organizations can invest in their people and there are improvements that every single employer can make. By recognizing and supporting employee differences, organizations can create a more equal playing field which in turn provides employees with a greater ability to succeed at work. That is fundamentally what workplace equality is all about and it literally makes business sense for organizations to care about the diversity of their workforce because research shows us that diverse teams produce better results.

Naomi Seddon

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Milk and Margaritas

By Naomi Seddon

One woman’s story of health, heartbreak and career that speaks on behalf of all women, carrying a critical message for workplaces across the globe.

Part 1 –Navigating health issues and heartache on the career ladder

Part 2 – Women’s health issues in the workplace – a handbook for a modern world


“There are moments in our lives when all we can do is put one foot in front of the other to get through the day. Many other times, our lives can be about reflecting and learning from those experiences, good and bad, and if the opportunity presents itself, we can use this knowledge and share it with others. Naomi brings all these elements together in her book to empower the reader with her lived experience and expertise….. I believe empowering ourselves and those around us with knowledge will ultimately help us reach our potential. Naomi’s book does this in spades. Together we can all be a part of the solution.”

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